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Universal Sanitizer Dryer
Drying cycle of about 8 hours.
Germicidal lamp operates for the first 8 minutes, and turns off automatically.
Air circulating fan.
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Digital Sound Level Meter
* designed according to IEC651 TYPE 2 & ANSI S1.4 TYPE 2 
* 2 sound level ranges: Lo: 35 ~ 100dB Hi: 65~130dB 
*  A and C weighting 
*  SLOW and FAST measuring mode 
* with data-HOLD function 
*  MAX value recording function 
* packaged in plastic case 
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  Universal ™ Hearing Screener
40dB presented at 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 4,000 Hz.
Ideal for use in a Primary Care Doctor’s office. Designed to maintain consistent output in all frequencies. Automatic shutoff when batteries are depleted.
2 AAA batteries included.
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  Universal Hearing Aid Dryer Designed for all style of hearing aids including Open Fit, All Custom fit and Behind the Ear Models.
Prevent costly breakdowns and maintain performance. Safely removes harmful moisture and helps dry wax for easier removal.
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  Pro Power Vacuum Aspirator 24.5 inHG suction Hospital Tested Portable Vacuum Designed as an Aspirator Set-up as Hearing Aid Vacuum. Adjustable suction control.
Available in 110V and 230 V
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  Super Power-Vac 26 inHG suction Powerful Desktop Portable Hearing Aid Vacuum Adjustable suction control.
Available in 110V and 230 V
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  Digitel Battery Tester
  Power-Vac Hearing Aid Cleaner
Thousands of Hearing aid wearers clean and maintain their hearing aids with Power-Vac.
Developed after observing hundreds of hearing aids being sent for repair for clogged receiver or microphone ports. Power-Vac will pay for itself, the cost is much less than repairing and shipping a hearing aid one time. Thousands of people use Power-Vac to maintain all styles of hearing aids including Open Fit models.
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3930 Pocket Telephone Amplifier designed to increase the receiver volume.
Ideal for both home and travel use. Includes 2 AAA Batteries
3925 Telephone Ear-Pad improves listening comfort. Designed for office, home and hearing aids.
3907 Hearing Aid Battery Checker with storage compartment which allows you to put spare batteries inside for future use. Big, easy–to-read meter is color-coded to show you if the batteries are good, weak or need to be replaced. The ivory white color design makes a perfect product for both personal and give away.
3927 The Power-Vac suction motor provides 13 p.s.i. of suction to effectively help remove harmful debris. Powered by a “C” size alkaline battery (included) makes home use easy.
3903 Hearing Aid Battery Key-Chain Holder Always keep two spare batteries with you. Key-chain included. Packaged 1unit per business card size zip lock bag.
2505 Combination Cleaning Tool 62mm in length (Wax Pick, Cleaning Brush and Magnet for Battery Removal). Also available without the magnet (2507)
2506 Wax-Pick + Magnet Tool 64mm in length (same design as 2505 without the row of brushes). Also available at 48mm in length (2506-0-48) or without the magnet (2056)
2510 Miniature Screwdriver designed for adjusting trimmers and opening programming covers 54mm in length.
2503 Mini Wax-Pick with Round Brush on opposite end 44mm in length
2511 Vent Cleaning Tool
2504 Cleaning Brush 62mm in length
2511-0-0 Vent cleaning tool
2511-0-B Vent cleaning tool with brush
2511-0-M Vent cleaning tool with magnet
2511-M-B Vent cleaning tool with magnet and brush
2512-0-0 Open Fit cleaning tool
2512-0-B Open fit cleaning tool with brush
2512-0-M Open fit cleaning tool with magnet
2512-M-B Open Fit Cleaning tool with magnet and brush
  Ear Hair Trimmer AA Battery included
  Push Button Penlight with Otoprobe
2 AAA batteries included
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